Uniquely designed by Phineas, this flip-flop hanger has a dual purpose. It can display both flip-flops and sandals by their toe posts or across the top straps. This allows the hanger to accommodate a wider range of footwear.

Product code: PP62

Overall size: 11cm tall x 11.5cm wide
Weight: 10.2g
Label area: 40x30mm
Manufactured: China and UK
Material: 100% Recycled Polypropylene/100% Recyclable

Carton: 1000 pieces

Suitable for:

Child Women Men

Hanger type:

Sandals Flip flops


Recyclable Re-usable

This compact and simple design allows different toe-post widths and a variety of shoe sizes, creating a well-kept, in-store presentation.

The double hook feature grants opportunity to hang an assortment of fabrics and leathers to accommodate a broader range of flip flops.

Label area is a large 40mm x 30mm which is perfect for sizing, brand logos or product information.