An intelligent design that allows dual functionality for heel loops and flip-flops. This hanger accommodates all sizes from kids to men’s, due to the crab claw feature. An anti-twist hook ensures footwear is aligned consistently and increase stock density on the rail.

Product code: PP248

Overall size: 11cm tall x 8cm wide
Weight: 4.8g
Label area: 40x30mm
Manufactured: China
Material: 100% Recycled Polypropylene/100% Recyclable

Carton: 1000 pieces

Suitable for:

Child Women Men

Hanger type:

Heeled Flip flops


Recyclable Re-usable

The toe post effortlessly clips in and is held securely in place by the crab claw.

The crab claw feature is multipurpose, suiting both flip flops and heel loops.

A 40mm x 30mm label area sits above two kimble holes, perfect for adding tags or light items.