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Helping brands to thrive

We're restless in our mission to maximise sales through self-service.

What we do

We help the world's top retailers sell more and make shopping an enjoyable experience.

We develop unique hangers for leading brands, creating distinctive and memorable touch points.

We constantly research and develop innovative hangers that help our clients keep ahead of the competition.

Why hang footwear

  • Shoppers like self-service it makes them feel in control
  • We all dislike waiting in queues to be served
  • It’s more satisfying to browse for your size, rather than wait to be served and potentially be told your size is not available
  • Hangers are designed to be removed and refitted to products easily, this makes shopping more interactive and fun
  • Hanging stock reduces the need for lots of shop employees and frees up existing staff to serve more customers
  • Faster browsing and greater sales performance
  • When you can merchandise more stock on the shop floor and need less space in the stock room your trading area can be made larger
  • By displaying your stock out on the shop floor your customers can see you have plenty of stock and are encouraged to browse styles and sizes
  • Boxed footwear takes up approx 33% more space if placed on the shop floor.
  • Hanging footwear makes it easier for shop staff to check inventory
  • With more trading space allocated to display, retailers will have space for point of sale advertising and in-store theatre
  • When footwear is sold on hangers, the sales process is faster and easier
  • As hanging reduces the need for large stock rooms, more space can be dedicated to creative merchandising and display
  • Hangers can be custom made to provide distinctive branding and 3D brand touch points using printing, texture,¬†shape and unique labelling
  • Hanging footwear provides the opportunity to¬†create focal displays and create more space around styles to make shopping easier
  • Different styles can be displayed either toes up or toes down which can make shopping styles more logical
  • With a wide range of hangers from boot clips to childrens heel hangers, we have the products to cover your entire range.

Our products

Our unique product range is engineered to support and showcase footwear perfectly. We also create custom hangers that provide a distinctive touch point at the point of purchase.


Our business is truly global with sales offices in the UK, USA and Hong Kong. We manufacture both here in the UK and China, delivering direct to your footwear supply chain or store distribution network.

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Global business

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Manufactured in UK and China

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