This product has a dual purpose – it can be used as a toes-up hanger for a wide range of styles and sizes.  Thanks to its clever design, it can also be used to hang flip-flops.   With a robust but lightweight design, it will ensure that all footwear stay in place and remain forward facing.

Product code: PP220

Overall size: 58cm tall x 43cm wide
Weight: 14.8g
Label area: 40x30mm
Manufactured: China
Material: 100% Recycled Polypropylene/100% Recyclable

Carton: 1000 pieces

Suitable for:

Child Women Men

Hanger type:

Sports shoes/trainers Slippers Sandals Flip flops


Recyclable Re-usable

Hook detail at first glance is simple but we’ve integrated a small radius feature which helps the hook stay forward facing. This reduces twisting on the rail and positions the hanger perfectly on small bars too.

Anchor points on hanger arms provide a place to secure footwear.

Label area is a large 40mm x 30mm which is perfect for sizing, brand logos or product information.