A multi-purpose footwear hanger design in an extra small size. Anchor points on the end of arms to secure footwear in place. Stackable hangers are perfect for reducing storage space and help to reduce transportation costs. Unique V-section stem fits within the form of the footwear to prevent marking and indentation. Anti-twist hook ensures footwear is aligned consistently and maximises stock density on the rail.

Product code: PP146

Overall size: 13cm tall x 7cm wide
Weight: 5.7g
Label area: 40x30mm
Manufactured: China
Material: 100% Recycled Polypropylene/100% Recyclable

Carton: 1000 pieces

Suitable for:

Baby Child

Hanger type:

Ballerinas Slippers Sandals


Recyclable Re-usable

Unique v-shaped stem prevents hanger from marking shoes. The stem is also ribbed and structured to prevent twisting. This keeps footwear forward facing at all times.

Stacking hanger design makes the hanger need less carton space. This reduces distribution costs and is better for the environment.

Tear shaped anchor points are perfect for tagging or securing shoes onto the hanger.