Multi-purpose toes-up stacking hanger in extra-large size. Anchor points on the end of arms to secure footwear in place. Stackable hangers reduce storage and transportation costs. These hangers are ideal for re-use and closed loop operations. Unique v-section stem fits within the form of the footwear. This prevents marking and indentation. Anti-twist hook ensures footwear is aligned consistently and maximises stock density in store.

Product code: PP234

Overall size: 28cm tall x 11cm wide
Weight: 26.9g
Label area: 40x30mm
Manufactured: China and UK
Material: Recycled Polystyrene

Carton: 300 pieces

Suitable for:

Women Men

Hanger type:

Heeled Sports shoes/trainers Slippers Sandals


Recyclable Re-usable