Joules are a fast growing fashion store chain and when they decided to hang more footwear in store, they turned to Phineas Products for their bespoke shoe hanging solutions.

Joules are a very successful U.K. fashion retailer who are beginning to expand both here at home and internationally. They have taken great care in growing their brand and in store personality through subtle design cues and a natural approach to the built environment.

Joules approached Phineas to look at shoe, boot and accessory hangers. They required elegant hangers that continued with the natural in store theme and complemented their merchandise.

Phineas based Joules hanger designs on existing stock product, so tooling costs were not an issue.  Focussing instead on material choice and pad printing of brand and logo.

A transparent polystyrene was used to allow Joules merchandise to be supported elegantly, with gentle reminders of the brand via delicate printed logos.

‘During the consultation process we looked at changing hook details, which maybe something Joules considers for the future. With all custom solutions we balance desire for a distinctive touch point with volume and price point’ says Dan Wright, Managing Director of Phineas Group Ltd.

Phineas provided a complete range of hangers for all sizes, from toddler through to adult sizes of footwear. They have invested a considerable amount on R+D, in designing products that make self-service hanging shoe displays the high quality alternative to shelving, allowing the retailer to effectively manage these attractive, high density stock presentations with minimal effort.

‘In fact, we don’t consider our products as mere bespoke shoe hangers, but as the complete solution for presenting shoes to increase sales and add value to the footwear,’ says Dan Wright, Managing Director of Phineas Group Ltd.

We're really happy with the functionality of the hangers and impressed by the transparency of the plastic, which gives a sense of quality and makes our products stand out.

Store merchandiser - Joules