The ASDA George brand required a hanger that could be made in high volumes, could be manufactured to exacting standards and provide features that enhance the display area.

ASDA’s George brand is a successful, fast paced clothing and footwear range in a leading UK supermarket. ASDA Walmart offers quality products at low price points. Due to the heavy footfall in store fixtures and hangers are required to be robust and reusable.

ASDA asked Phineas to design a range of footwear hangers that could meet the rigours of a demanding environment and make shopping easy and fun for consumers.

High volumes were required and that’s an area we have a great deal of experience in. Our designers based the range on our standard hanger architecture which reduces plastic material to the minimum. Focussing on simple changes to the hook and label area that would make identifying the correct size easy. A small lip feature was added to the label area to assist staff with the placement of stickers. Whilst giving customers an easy grip area for lifting and replacing hangers.

“It’s often the simple features which get overlooked in the design process. When your merchandising in a very busy store you have to make shopping as easy as possible to keep the display area looking neat and tidy.  Making the hanger easy to lift and replace off the display arm saves a lot of staff time too” says Dan Wright, Managing Director of Phineas Group Ltd.

Phineas provided a range of hangers for various sizes, from toddler through to adult sizes of footwear. The custom process is quite exciting, each time is an opportunity to progress footwear hanger design. Making hangers tailored to individual brands or retailers helps to reinforce the brand values in the mind of the consumer.

‘Creating a custom hanger for your brand not only sets your products apart from the competition, but will increase the perceived value of the goods on display. The hanger is the ideal vehicle at a critical buying point on a consumers journey, to maximise your opportunity for a sale’ says Dan Wright, Managing Director of Phineas Group Ltd.

The hangers support and display the footwear in neat rows. Merchandising is fast and easy and the hangers have soft curves which do not mark the shoes. This is key, we want the shoes to stay on display and be kept in tip-top condition.

Paul Morens - Display Assistant