So how do you reduce waste whilst supplying plastic hangers?

We do it by using recycled material and reusing hangers within a closed loop supply.

We are proud of our long standing relationship with Marks & Spencer.

Their continual growth and innovation is something we appreciate and align ourselves with.

Our partnership with Marks & Spencer throughout the years has primarily been the production of women and children’s footwear solutions. This collection has included our hard wearing ‘boot clips’, simple and effective ‘flip flops’ and versatile ‘toes up’ hangers.

Recently Marks & Spencer approached us with the idea to consolidate their current range.

The idea being that we provide a cost effective, functional and multi-use design, that is easy to use and cuts waste.

As part of our ongoing development to reduce waste, we’re looking at biodegradable additives, methods to reduce energy during manufacture, and actively encouraging the primary use of recycled material. Re-use is often overlooked and it’s a key element in reducing waste.

Dan Wright – Phineas MD

Our specialist product knowledge helps us to provide the right solutions for our customer.

Taking their current range of 18 hangers, we were able to condense this with the use of our multi-purpose, recyclable hangers. Marks & Spencer now have a more befitting collection of 11 products. This compact collection now encompasses their entire range of footwear, including mens.

We focus on a ‘closed loop’ production approach. This reduces waste and ensures that as fast as a product leaves us, those at the end of their usefulness come back to us for recycling.

We feel this will aid Marks & Spencer in their brilliant new strategy to convert their business into a zero-waste company by 2025.