What an amazing week at GlobalShop!

March 2018 saw Phineas Group attend one of the largest retail exhibitions in the world!


During the last 12 months, we’ve made new partnerships, discovered fresh business missions and developed new products. All of which we wanted to share with the world at GlobalShop.

The show gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase all of this, as it gave us the chance to cross the pond, say hello to the American and Canadian markets and meet some of our existing clients.

GlobalShop was an amazing experience, we got to meet so many incredible people, chat with some amazing brands and investigate some fantastic display and merchandising solutions. The show is a playground for anyone in retail and it was the perfect setting to essentially launch the new us!!

Heather – Retail Consultant

With the help of the marvellous Shape Studio, we were able to create the most superb stand to showcase our fantastic range of stock and custom hanging solutions.

All of this hard work paid off with the incredible conversations we were able to have in Chicago. Not only were these interactions based around the products we create, but who we are as a business and what we do.

The way in which people reacted to the stand and team not only in Chicago but via Twitter  was simply wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who helped us in the organisation of this exhibition, thank you to everyone who dropped by the see us and a big thank you to GlobalShop for hosting the event!

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