Ann Summers lingerie hangers have been remodelled as part of a programme of improvements in store.

Working closely with their merchandising team, we have engineered a range of exciting new lingerie hangers with an elegant and premium feel.

By reducing the size of the structural sections and reforming the horizontal bar shape; we have lowered the weight of the hanger. This improves cost and produces a finer look and feel. The integral strength and performance is retained with clever shaping of key structures.

The branding area now has more focus and we have highlighted the logo in rose gold which adds to the sense of value and quality.

We have been supplying hangers to Ann Summers for over 10 years. Refining and improving how garments are hung and displayed in store. During this time we have seen the brand develop and widen its appeal. Retail must keep evolving and hanger design must keep pace. We constantly develop and modernise our hangers to both improve functionality and reduce costs. Ann Summers understand the value hangers have as a consumer touch point and have embraced the opportunity to enhance their customers experience.

Dan Wright – Phineas Managing Director

During the redesign we visited stores and talked extensively with managers and shop staff. With this research, we improved the functionality of the clips and retaining bars. Garments now fit better and hold their position on the rail.

The Ann Summers hangers will be seen in store soon.